The Centurions were founded in the Nyon / Gland area by three American Football enthusiasts - Daniele Genovese, David de Matteis and Julien Pahud over a decade ago. Three months after the club's creation on February 22nd 2005, the Centurions played their first friendly game vs.
the Yverdon Ducs, and soon after decided to join the NSFL - a regional football league that was created to allow Swiss French teams to play in a championship without having to travel to the other side of the country. The Cents benefited from the support of the Geneva Seahawks, who at the time were only playing in the National League (SAFV), and were able to send a few reinforcements our way, contributing to the Centurions to going 4-4 in their first season of play.

Led by dynamic Quarterback Zayd Benouali and Running Back Daniele Genovese, the rag tag band of friends managed to grow into an experienced team, with certain veterans taking over key positions in team management and coaching, over time. The Centurions tried their luck with junior tackle and flag squads periodically, and the 2010/2011 U-19 squad in particular was quite successful, winning the NSFL Junior Championship in 2011 in an exciting game against the Geneva Whoppers. The championship winning coach of the day, Romain Bajulaz, has since
returned to his former role and currently coaches our U-19 squad.

A number of star players and a strong sense of camaraderie allowed the Centurions to earn spots on the podium of the NSFL from time to time, and, after 9 years of play in the regional league, the team decided to try its luck in the SAFV national championship. Over the past several years, with strong contributions from QB/DB Jonathan Vacas and RB/LB Daniele Genovese, amongst other players, the Centurions finished in the top spots of the LNC and progressed to the LNB. This season the team made the decision to voluntarily go back down to the C league, with a number of veterans and former HC Tim Jolin moving on to other things,
and now hope to build up a solid enough base - of juniors and seniors - to allow them to try going back to the B league sometime in the future. 

The Centurions play home games and run practice at Perrerets Field in Gland, VD. Practices run on Monday and Wednesday nights. Contact us for more information.
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